New/old release available now at Beläten

L-avenir-tapeA long time coming but I’m very excited to announce the eponymously titled L’Avenir album is now available for pre-ordering (shipping Feb 28th) at Beläten. Digital downloads are available now. This album was recorded about six-eight months before “The Wait” so sonically, it marks an early stage of development in the progression of the L’Avenir sound.

From Beläten:
“Jason Sloan as a long history making ambient soundscapes, which is evident in L’Avenir’s dreamy, cinematic minimal synth. But through the hazy din of reverb-drenched atmospheres, melancholy pop gems appear. Simultaneously the preface and the follow up to last years The Wait (recorded before, released after), this cassette every bit as engaging. Song after song drip like a slow rain on empty city streets, the scent of wet asphalt in the air. L’Avenir’s music is heart-achingly beautiful and overpowering in it’s grandeur, yet somehow comforting and warm.

Physcial (ltd edition cassette)
Download digital