Front_SleeveIt’s been a busy year with a lot of projects! A good chunk of 2012 was spent in the studio working on L’Avenir’s debut album. I am now pleased to announce its completion and am looking forward to getting it released sometime in 2013. If you’re familiar with the numerous instrumental ambient albums I’ve released under my own name for the last decade and a half, this new side project is a bit different. It also features vocals for the first time in my work. I grew up a huge fan of synthpop and darker 80’s electronic music ala Fad Gadget, Solid Space, DepecheD.A.F. and the whole Wax Trax scene in Chicago… so in a way, taking a little diversion down this path makes sense to me. In the meantime, feel free to send along comments or questions through the contact page.

More soon… hang tight!